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THE 1st AUCTION OF Charles Martignette's massive collection of original illustrations were auctioned off last Wednesday and Thursday and set record prices for many of the artists works. The prices realized were 3-10 times the estimates and showed that not only were the regulars bidding but many new collectors were stepping in to pay prices that Charles had only hoped to reached.

4300 pieces of Charles' massive collection of original illustrations are coming up for auction and will have a showing of 30 originals hanging in New York at the Ukrainian Institute.
New York Times article
The auction will be held over the next few years in a number of auctions through Heritage Auction Galleries. If anyone would like a 3rd party to help in the purchase at any of these auctions, just let me know. I am very familiar with what he owned and the values to be found. I've considered Charles a friend for about 14 years and have spent a bit of time in his warehouse over the years.

Charles was a good friend and is responsible for my vast exposure to the art that is illustration. (more.....)

Ted Rand is no longer with us in life
but his books and his spirit will
be with us forever. (more.....)

I'll miss you Ted.

We still have a number of his signed books available.


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Children's Hospital in Seattle unveiled the new Janet Sinegal
(wife of Costco CEO)
Patient Care Building. (more....)

Buy a gift certificate for $100 and get free shipping on books for the rest of this and all of the next year.

Birthdays are on the horizon so why not buy books for gifts. Or better yet, buy the original art that was used to create the books.

Most of our children's books are signed and you will see the kids eyes light up when you point out that it is signed by the person that drew the pictures for the book.

The tiny ones love to see Carl's pawtigraph in their books. Buy all 9 Good Dog, Carl books for only $120.00 and we will ship them one a month for free! (My Puppy's Record Book has quadrupled in price in the last few months because it went out of print and now we are out, also.) Even the 1 year olds recognize the package is for them when the mail comes. It's pretty cute as you hear them say "book, book?" or their name in a questioning tone.

For the older children on your list (I'm referring to your husbands and boyfriends), watch their eyes light up when one of our pin-up books show up. It will be their all-time favorite present.

And don't forget that we carry most of the original paintings created for the books we carry so watch their eyes really light up when they open their presents.


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Ted Rand's latest book is also Jack Prelutsky's first book of Haiku. A wonderful book of seventeen poems...
A creature whispers:
If not for the cat,
And the scarcity of cheese,
I could be content.

Who is this creature?
What does it like to eat?
Can you solve the riddle?

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Here's one for
the Mariner fans!
Ichiro broke a record!
260 hits in 1 season and I was there for the celebration!
Check out the original art of Ichiro at bat and running!

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Check out our Christmas themed books and artwork!
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Free shipping on your entire book order with any of these books.
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Remember that the books are all signed!

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