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Rainy Day Slug
Loose Threads
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Lorie Ann Grover was born and raised in Florida and never saw a slug until moving to the Northwest. Lorie Ann's poetry and illustrations have appeared in Ladybug and Cricket magazines. She illustrated early readers for the educational publisher Outside the Box. Rainy Day Slug is the first picture book she illustrated. Her first middle grade novel in a free-verse poetry format titled Loose Threads was released in 2002. Her second novel, On Pointe, is slotted for the summer 2004 list, and her third novel, Hold Me Tight, in 2005.

Lorie Ann has always been involved in the arts. Her passion for art was first directed toward ballet. She danced for ten years and was a member of the Miami Ballet Company. She studied fine arts at the University of Miami, and Pierce College in Tacoma, Washington. After school she lived with her husband in South Korea, where she spent her time painting and writing poetry. The 1999 Cherry Coke downloadable Internet game, Time Tremors, helped to launch Lorie Ann's career. She completed 100 paintings for the project and 36,000 children enjoyed the game. This intense work proceeded her illustrations for Rainy Day Slug.

Lorie Ann lives with her husband David and two home-schooled daughters, Emily and Ellen, in Sumner, Washington.



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